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SW Role Playing

For those from SW Combine who hate to be limited in their roleplays by Unfair Moderators and Other Roleplayers harrassing you and making up stupid rules worry no more! Now you can Role Play here in peace and just have fun!
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Nyon Dralor
Jedi Knight
Nyon Dralor

Male Number of posts : 157
Birthplace : Tatooine
Speciality : spying/bounty hunting
Species : Human
Registration date : 2008-10-11

I'M BACK! Empty
PostSubject: I'M BACK!   I'M BACK! Icon_minitimeMon Mar 09, 2009 10:55 am

Hi everyone it's Floris! Except i'm bounty informant Nyon Dralor now! Floris flew out into the outer rim to kill veynom, read my bio if you want to know why. So now i'm Nyon Dralor, a human male that takes bounty jobs from the mandalorians. He is a person who finds the prey for other bounty hunters. I know usually the hunters will find them themselves but Nyon works for the lazy ones. He has been force sensitive since birth and he knows it. But he never has joined the jedi or sith. I'm looking forward to joining back here!
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