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For those from SW Combine who hate to be limited in their roleplays by Unfair Moderators and Other Roleplayers harrassing you and making up stupid rules worry no more! Now you can Role Play here in peace and just have fun!
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 Compass Corporation

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PostSubject: Compass Corporation   Compass Corporation Icon_minitimeSun Mar 29, 2009 4:45 pm

It was a cruel day the Ixian sun was at it's highest point and the very dust from the rocks seemed to burn. Jason Litch turned to a woman named Yamen Toot a very small women in stature but a heart of a lioness. She was chewing on a pencil looking over a data sheet calculating many things in her head about possibilities and gains and losses. He gently put his hand on her shoulder and said," You've worked with me through my yelling and harsh judgment even though I'm only 19. That's quite a feat. Many others would have given up on me."
" I saw promise where others saw ruin", replied Yamen with her hazel eyes and her light brown hair. She seemed to be tired from the fact that she had been working for 23 hours straight making sure all the new plans and credits and bank accounts were secure and ready for the opening of Compass Corporation. At the age of 25 Yamen was a stunning women who had easily won the heart of Jason. It was the fact that Jason was in part computer that he had the ability to withhold his emotions. When she left he went to his comlink and called Merkak Xen the President of the Coalition of the Bloodguard Alliance.

" This is Merkak", replied the man
" Hello Merkak this is Jason Litch the Director of the Compass Corporation I was wondering if my test subjects were ready for delivering I only have so much time on my hands and tomorrow is the soonest I can get to it myself."
" Well Mr. Litch I know the Compass Corporation is busy but the transportation cost is quite hefty. We have to slip it past security and the Synchronized World is already working hard to find they're pet. If you really need it we can send it on a Emergency Craft it'll reach you approximately noon tomorrow.", replied Merkak.
" yes that's fine be sure to keep it secret the least I need is the Evermind or my father looking over my shoulder at my activities. Your Coalition will receive its credits when I get the subject."
"ok, it's leaving now", replied Merkak

When he hung up he walked out his office and motioned to his guards to follow. As he moved down the walkway he spotted a small form of a motion sensor and realized that the new security features added to the buildings were much more advanced and hardly noticeable other than the fact that his brain is half computer. He motioned again and more guards moved but this time into position to guard the miscellaneous doors and entrances to many parts of the Compass Corporation Headquarters. The Left wing of the building was the Security Division of the Compass Corporation. It's security company was well worth establishing it also brings in the credits. Almost anyone now a days feels that they need more protection and security. The Compass Corporation HQ building is the only building where the Evermind can't see in or infiltrate or even step foot on thanks to his new technology that can completely fry him and any other Cymek or Mekk but the flaw is because the Omniuses aren't cyborgs or anything they're just humans with computer implants and force powers it doesn't work on them. But still the many people who hate the Evermind might use the technology might steal it from the Compass Corp to Assassinate the Evermind killing ever Cymek and Mekk. Which wouldn't be good business that's why it's locked up in the Compass Corp vault. Always working but never seen but by two humans who practically live in the vault. Only leaving once to get food and supplies.

As Mr. Litch reached the main entrance he is stopped by a man in a white suit, it's his Director of Security for the Security Sector of Compass Corp Secta Lutrain.
" well my friend don't you look nice", said Secta
" Only as good as I feel Secta so how's security working out for you?"
" Great as long as it doesn't take up all my time", replied Secta
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Compass Corporation
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